Rise of the West

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One of the central themes of the European view of the world is the idea that  whole world was in darkness and ignorance, and dawn of the age of reason first occurred in Europe. This led to the “White Man’s Burden” to take his civilization and powers of reasoning to ignorant and superstitious people living in darkness all over the world. . All non-Europeans who acquire a Western education automatically learn this false story, which results in an exaggerated respect for Western traditions and an inferiority complex about one’s  (supposedly) savage and primitive ancestors. To counter this, it is necessary to tell the true story of the savage and brutal colonization and exploitation by Europeans of the rest of the world. This process led to the accumulation of the wealth by looting in Europe (which is called development) and poverty in the rest of the world (under-development). This theme has been most fully developed by historian Lefken Stavrianos in Global Rift: The Third World Comes of Age.  Short newspaper articles on this theme are listed below:

The Dark Side of the Enlightenment Project:
The Enlightenment project was a European idea that all tradition, received wisdom, Revelation and Religon were just superstitions. Man should start from zero and construct all knowledge on the basis of observations and logic.  The article discusses the failure of this project, and some of the very bad results produced.

Failures of Modernization Theories:
Modernization theories are based on the idea that European societies are developed and advanced, while all other societies are primitive and backwards. To progress, backwards nations must imitate Europe and become “modernized”.  This article discusses some aspects of the strong evidence against these theories which has emerged in the post-modern era.

Social revolutions
The drive to liberate ourselves from all tradition and invent entirely new and modern ways of living has radically transformed Western society. This change, as personally experienced by the author, has not been for the better.

European Transition to Secular Thought:
The official story of the rise of the West, widely believed, is that replacement of religion and tradition by science and reason has led to tremendous progress and advance. The reality is very different, as this article shows.

 The Ways of the Eagles
Most of us have received an education designed by Macaulay and followers to create love and respect of the West, and to create a sense of inferiority and contempt for our forefathers. This involves a drastic mis-understanding of the history of the colonization of India and its consequences. An attempt is made to sketch the outlines of the true history, which is covered up and concealed.

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