Introductory Statistics: An Islamic Approach

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This page is now obsolete, and being maintained only to keep old links alive. For complete information about the online course, see: Introduction to Statistics: An Islamic Approach

This course is being offered at Arid Agricultural University to four sections in Management Dept. Course details available from link above. The first introductory lecture on the nature of the course in URDU is available from the link below:


Currently being offered as an online course — for details see MOOC, COMING SOON — Self-Paced online course, which can be done entirely on your own time at your own pace.

The LIVE lectures are recorded, and can be viewed below. For pre-recorded lectures, please see (LINK:

Introduction to MOOC:  General Features of Course & Procedures- [Feb 10th, 2014]

UNIT 1:Exploratory Data Analysis

Discussion of Lec 1: Distinctive Features of the Islamic Approach [Feb 12, 2014]
Discussion of Lec 2: Comparisons, Indexing Facts and Fictions [Feb 19, 2014]
Discussion of Lec 3: Comparisons: Sorting, Ranking and Percentile [Feb 26, 2014]
Discussion of Lec 4: Measures of Center: Representing and Benchmarking [Mar 05, 2014]

UNIT 2: Random Sampling

Discussion of Lec 12: Probability Laws and Discrete Random Variables [May 05, 2014]
Discussion of Lec 14: Expected Values and the Law of Large Numbers [May 19, 2014]
Discussion of Lec 15: Central Values [May 26, 2014]
Discussion of Lec 16: View Lecture [June 02, 2014]


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