Online Lectures

Online Lectures

This page is currently under development; it was created long ago, and many new courses have since been added. I am in process of organizing and updating it, so that it will contain a complete list of online courses and lectures. The MAIN purpose of the online lectures is to provide TEACHERS with sufficient resources to teach RADICALLY different courses, which provide a sharp critique of conventional methods, and provide a genuine alternative. [For a more recent list, see TEN COURSES]

Below, I provide links to sequences of lectures comprising a full course, or a Mini-Course with at least 6 lectures.

Guide to Online Lectures

These are mostly audio/video recording of lectures for classes I have conducted at IIIE, IIUI. However, there are a few short courses on specialized topics as well.

I am now trying to create and ORGANIZE CENTRAL LIST of Stand-Alone seminars/videos at: AZ Video/Talks, and at AZ Seminars. This is work in progress; I am slowly adding more and more lectures to this central list. A CENTRAL LIST of all published articles, with links to associated video lectures (when available) is AZ Articles 


Data Envelopment Analysis: Two Introductory Lectures

Islamic Economics:

Motivational Lecture on Islam


Each lecture series contain approximately 15 lectures delivered during courses taught at IIIE:

NEW: Course on Introduction to Statistics

This is a newly developed COMPLETE course – that is, it is self-contained and contains all necessary materials for students to study completely on their own. Each lecture consists of FOUR units – (1) a videotaped lecture which covers the concepts for the lecture. (2) A LAB which has the student go through all the technical aspects of the same lecture in a DO IT YOURSELF session in EXCEL. (3) A Text for the lecture which explains all the concepts at greater length then the videotaped lecture.  (4) A QUIZ designed to test the students understanding of the lecture.  All of this material is available HERE. Links below provide the videotaped lectures ONLY.

Course on Islamic Economics

These courses are based on outline and readings described HERE.

Course on Experimental Economics

These courses are based on outline and readings described HERE.

Workshop on Research Methods for MS Students at IIIE

This workshop is designed to teach students how to develop and defend a research proposal for an MS Thesis at IIIE. A guide for student which outlines key steps in this process is available HERE.

Course on Econometrics

This course is fairly unusual in structure, focusing on developing key concepts in an intuitive way with emphasis on applications. Texts of lectures and an outline is available HERE.