Social Activism

A deep seated inferiority complex prevents us from thinking about our own problems and thinking about how to go about solving them. Instead, we rely on foreign experts for advice. Articles below discuss what practical steps we can take to solve our own problems. For closely related material, see links between knowledge and power, and also, the central role and importance of Education in creating and changing the world we live in.

Building character to build nations: Current economic thinking suggests that we must build factories and import technologies to progress. However, the most spectacular development episode in history was the rise of the Arabs from the depths of ignorance to leadership of the world. This was accomplished by character development, which is the root of all progress.

Changing the world: Revolution begins at home. The key is to act as a model for others, and to become agents of change.

Little miracles: Instead of striving for large goals far beyond our individual capacity, and getting frustrated, if we all do the little bit that is in our power, great changes can result.

A Campaign for the First Thousand Days:  A proposal for a people’s campaign to tackle the most important problem facing Pakistan – stunting and malnutrition of vast numbers of our children.

Social Revolutions: This article shows how philosophy and ideology of selfishness and hedonism, the pursuit of pleasure, at expense of society and social obligations, was spread throughout USA, and from there to the rest of the world.