New Additions

I am continuously engaged in the development of courses, as well as individual lectures, which provide tools to liberate our minds from the hegemonic ideas which teach us to love our chains, and accept our place in the social order. Unfortunately, the task of going back to organize this material is a systematic way is too demanding, and despite making intentions to do so on several occasions, I have been unable to succeed. Several people have asked me about recent additions to the website, to discover new materials. I am hoping to keep this page updated with news of my most recent writings and lectures.  I am always looking for volunteers to help me with this organizational effort.

Courses: Currently, my highest priority is a new course on Microeconomics: An Islamic Approach, in which lectures are ongoing. It is an ANTI-course, explaining why conventional micro is completely wrong, and providing an alternative. A post describing this course has proved to be very popular: [RWER Blog]  – see comments on the RWER Blog. Ten video lectures, covering Hill & Myatt: The Economics Anti-Textbook are already available, and more lectures are added weekly. At the end, I would have a complete course, which I am planning to write up as a radical Micro course.

Pakistan Economy: A recent newspaper article is: The Sky is Falling – which explains why the state of the economy in Pakistan is quite good, CONTRARY to doom-and-gloom projections by some pessimistic authors. A longer lecture entitled Pakistan’s Economy: Domestic, Regional, and Global Context, (short summary + video) explains how major battles occur on the propaganda front, where Economic Hitmen deceive us into pursuing economic policies against our best interests, which favor the wealthy countries.

Popular Posts: My most popular post of all time has been: A Summary of Polanyi’s Great Transformation. which has attracted huge numbers of hits on a continuous basis for several years.

Popular Videos: My most popular videos are: (22m) Memorial to Mohammad Masihuzzaman (my father); an Urdu lecture motivating students to dare to soar like eagles: Motivational First Lecture (72m), suitable to start any course with. Another lecture on the Pakistan Economy (63m), which discusses how we can break the chains of soft power which bind us to extractive colonial patterns, has also been extremely popular.

Islamic Economics: In Islamic Economics, my most popular video lecture is URDU: An Islamic Version of the Iceland Plan for Monetary Reform (30m). Second is my English lecture at Imam Sadiq University in Iran on Islamic Economics (76m). In third place are my english lectures to Cambridge University Students on Spirituality and Development: (Part I, summary + 40m vide0) & (Part II, summary + 50m video), Also, I would recommend: Countering European Myths about Knowledge (70m) — this lecture explains how the west has defined knowledge to be purely technical, which does not relate to our human lives, whereas Islam teaches us how live, a skill which we all needed to learn. The 60m video on What is Development? explains that accumulation of wealth is not the Islamic concept of Development.

Economics: My recent Video Lecture explains how modern economics has gone around in a full circle, going back to where it was before the Keynesian revolution:  Completing the Circle: From GD ’29 to GFC ’07  (summary + 22m video). My most popular economics lecture is Behavioral Versus Neoclassical Economics(summary + 70m video), which shows that actual behavior of human beings is extremely different from the utility maximization assumed by economic theories. My short summary & 60m video Failures of the Invisible Hand explains how standard textbook claims regarding the Invisible Hand are wrong. An introductory 90m lecture on Core Macroeconomics Concepts explains Macroeconomics within its historical context, which makes it much more understandable.

My author page on LinkedIn provides quick access to 76 short articles of mine on a wide range of diverse topics. I am trying to organize (not quite successfully) a topic-wise index to my collected works on AZPROJECTS.