Mini-Course in Macro-Economics

Readings, outline and other course materials are available from:

Lecture 1: Core Macroeconomics Concepts and terminologies

Lecture 2: Great Depression and Keynesian Economics

Lecture 3: The Quantity Theory of Money: Five Flaws

Lecture 4: An Islamic Chicago Plan

Lecture 5: House of Debt: Mian & Sufi

Lecture 6: Monetary Policy Decision Making in Pakistan

Lecture 7: On the Nature of Modern Money (part 1)

Lecture 8: On the Nature of Modern Money (part 2)

For complete online course in Advanced Macro, see: Macroeconomics.

An Important Set of Lectures on Monetary Theory in Historical Context. These two lectures examine the emergence of the Gold Standard in the late nineteenth century, and its breakdown and replacement by Bretton Woods in 1943, followed by its complete collapse in 1971.

Lecture 9: The Critical Importance of Understanding Global Financial Architecture.

Lecture 10: Critical Importance of Financial Architecture: Part II.