Lessons MIT Did Not Teach Me

[bit.ly/mit4az] On Thursday May 7th 2020, I talked to fellow MIT Alumni via a ZOOM Video-Conference about my life experiences during my three years as an undergraduate at MIT from 1971 to 1974.  I described this from the dual perspective of myself as a teenager, from 16 to 19, and my current perspective, fifty years later. Briefly, the most important lessons we need to learn about life are not covered by Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Programming. The video recording of the talk is linked below:

For more information about me, see the About Me page on this website. In particular, my autobiographic interview in Insight Magazine gives more details about my later journey towards Islam, after the MIT experiences discussed above. Also my PTV interview on “Sky’s the Limit” discusses more recent life experiences. For some biographical articles, see

  1. Blind Spots of Modern Education – this discusses my MIT experiences, and provides some additional details and insights.
  2. Social Revolutions: This takes a larger view, about what was happening to the US Society at the time I was being educated in the US.
  3. Education of an Economist: This describes my education as an Economist at Stanford University, and my later discovery that all of this education was purely ideological, with no connection to real world economics.
  4. My Journey from Theory to Reality: This article explains how an Islamic approach to knowledge provides insights into connecting the theoretical knowledge that we receive in classrooms with the real world as well as with our life experiences.
  5. Remembering My Father: This post provides some memories of my father, who strongly shaped my life and views.