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1 Aug 2011:
DRAFTS/Under Preparation/Ideas
  1. Empirical Evidence Against Utility Theory: (with Mehmet Karacuka)
  2. An Islamic Critique of NeoClassical Economics: to appear in Pakistan Business Review (Javed Ansari).
  3. Pareto Property versus Pareto Life Principle
  4. Normative Foundations of Scarcity:  rejected by Economics & Philosophy journal Sept. 2010
  5. Post Positivist Probability
  6. Interpreting Mathematical Theorems: Fundamental Welfare, etc.
  7. Flawed Theories & Their Harmful Effects –– (failure of development theories to produce growth– historical experience)
  1. Conflict between General Equilbrium & Marshallian Cross (submitted to RPE)
  2. Invisible Hand (IJPEE, see below)
  3. Multidimensional Poverty (with Taseer)
  4. Charity and Gift Exchange: (with Saima Mehmood)
  5. Ultimatum and Gender: Revised (with Saima)
  6. Analytic Expressions for Bias of HCCME ( with Mumtaz Ahmed) 4 Review of Econ & Stats.
  7. A Test of Unit Root Tests. (with Atiqurrahman Kashmiri)
  8. The Crisis in Islamic Economics: Diagnosis & Prescriptions — submitted to 8th International Conf on Isl. Econ
  9. Transition to Secular Thought in Europe: Lessons for Muslims, submitted to IRI .
  10. Contrasts between Islamic and Economic Views of Incentives [submitted to JIEBAF, Kabir Hassan, 17 Oct 2010]
Accepted Articles:
  1. Islamic Economics Survey (published in 3 parts in Islamic Studies, to appear in Book form shortly)
  2. Scarcity: East and West” Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, Vol. 6, No. 1, January – March 2010.
  3. The Rise and Fall of the Market Economy,” Review of Islamic Economics, Vol. 14, No. 2, 2010, pp. 123–155.
  4. The Limits of Market Economy,” entry in Encyclopedia of Islamic Economics,to appear.
  5. Monetary and Non-Monetary Gift Exchange. (with Saima) To appear in PDR (annual meetings volume)
  6. Islamic Attitude towards Motives, Incentives of Economic Agents and the Role of Information [to appear in Encyclopedia of Islamic Economics]
  7. Variance Estimates and Model Selection (with Sidika Basci and Arzdar Kiraci)International Econometrics Review, vol 2. no 2, 2010
  8. Causal Relations via Econometrics International Econometrics Review, vol 2, no. 1, 2010.
  9. European History: Lessons for Muslims (to appear in IRI journal INSIGHTS)
  10. Anti-Poverty Policies and Anti-Poor Philosophies. to appear in Journal of Business & Economics
  11. Power/Knowledge and Economic Theories: to appear in Lahore Journal of Policy Studies.

Accepted/Recently Published:


  1. “Critical Mission of the Muslim Economist,” Pakistan Management Review, 2nd Qtr. 2009[link]
  2. Corruption: Measuring the Unmeasurable,” (joint with Faiz-ur-Rahim) Humanomics, Vol 25, number 2, June 2009, p 117-126.
  3. Origins of Western Social Science” Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, vol 5, number 2, 2009.
  4. “Islamic Attitude towards Motives, Incentives of Economic Agents and the Role of Information” entry in Encyclopedia of Islamic Economics,to appear.
  5. “Tests for Structural Change, Homogeneity, and Aggregation” (joint with Esfandiar Maasoumi & Mumtaz Ahmed). Economic Modeling, 2010. to appear
  6. Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature,” Religion and Development Research Programme, Working Paper 22, Univ. of Birmingham, 2008,  Islamic Studies, IRI Journal, 2010
  7. “Failures of Modernization Theories,” Pakistaniaat: A Journal for Pakistan Studies, Vol 1, No. 2, 2009
  8. “Causal Relations via Economics” Published in International Econometrics Review.