Course on Research Frontiers in Economics for PIDE faculty (Sep 2015)

This course will teach researchers how to do world class research on various cutting edge topics; especially topics which challenge conventional paradigms and provide fresh perspectives on economic problems and policy issues. The goal of the course will be for the researchers to produce a discussion paper for the PIDE DP series. According to rules, researchers are supposed to produce two DP’s every year, though few have achieved this result. This course would provide the training required to achieve this goal and help researchers learn about the latest developments in a variety of fields.

Lecture 01: Critique of Modern Economic Theories

Lecture 02: The Nature of Knowledge: Logical Positivism

Lecture 03: Impossibility of separating Economics from History, Politics, Society and Psychology

Lecture 04: Introduction to Karl Polanyi’s Great Transformation

Lecture 05: Exclusion of Human Experience from Social Sciences

Lecture 06: Discussion of Research Topics with Faculty (URDU)

Lecture 07: New Directions: Behavioral and Experimental Economics